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Mbps to MBps: Convert Megabits per Second (Mbps) to Megabytes per Second (MBps or MB/s)

Megabits per Second

Megabytes per Second
MBps or MB/s
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Internet Bandwidth is measured in megabits per second, usually abbreviated as Mbps. The higher the Mbps, the higher the bandwidth and the higher the internet speeds, including downloading and uploading speeds.

Megabits vs Megabyte (Mb vs MB)

As stated above, Mbps denotes the bandwidth, that is, the volume of data transferred every second. On the other hand, MB/s identifies the speed at which data is transferred and relates to the download and upload speeds.

How many Megabits are in one Megabyte?

To understand the conversion Mathematics between megabits and megabytes, we have to go back to the basics of bits and bytes.

Always remember that 8 bits are equal to 1 byte

Therefore, to convert from bits to bytes, we have to divide the given value by 8. However, always ensure that the units are the same. Convert megabits to megabits, kilobits to kilobytes, and gigabits to gigabytes by simply dividing by 8. To convert across units, such as megabits to kilobytes, additional conversions will have to be made.

Convert 10 Mbps to MB/s
Remember: 8 Mbps = 1 MB/s
10 ÷ 8 = 1.25

10 Mbps = 1.25 MB/s;

Common Mbps to MBps Conversions Table

Mbps MBps (MB/s)
1 0.125
2 0.25
3 0.375
4 0.5
5 0.625
10 1.25
15 1.875
20 2.5
30 3.75
40 5
50 6.25
100 12.5
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What is Internet bandwidth? Internet bandwidth vs internet speed
Internet or network bandwidth simply refers to the amount or quantity of data transmitted in a certain period, often every second. Further, you can refer to bandwidth as the volume of data transmitted through a network medium, such as Ethernet, per second.
Bandwidth is usually provided in terms of bits per second (bps) and often measured in Megabits per second (Mbps)