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Create a strong password using our free online strong password generator. Simply copy the password generated into the password fields in your accounts.

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How to generate a strong password

To generate a password, simply click the button labeled 'Click to Generate a Strong Password'. A system-generated password will be displayed in the grey box.
1. Click on the Copy Password button and paste in on an editor
2. Or, Select the text and press Ctrl + C on Windows or Cmd + C on MasOS to copy it and paste it on an editor
3. Or, Simply write it down on a paper

What is a strong password?

A strong password can be described as one that a person or system finds difficult to guess. Assume that your friend is Mike and was born in 1995. If Mike's social media password is Mike1995, would that be considered a strong password? As his friend, you can guess that one possible password combination is his name, and you will be correct. Even though it might take a few tries to correctly guess his password, a hacker using modern computer systems and applications will take seconds.

Surprisingly, Mike1995 is a better, and 'stronger' password than some passwords being created today. Currently, millions of accounts and devices use common passwords such as password, 12345, qwerty, 000000, 654321, and a1b2c3, putting their accounts, in real danger of a cyber attack.

Several characteristics can be used to describe a strong password. Their characteristics are:

  1. Length: A password should contain at least 8 characters. The recommended number of characters is 12.

  2. Complexity: A password should contain a combination of letters, numbers, and ASCII-standard special characters - such as !, @, #, $, &.

  3. Unpredictable: A strong password should be hard to guess. It should not be made of common names in the dictionary, personally identifiable information (PII)- such as name, address, birthday. Further, a strong password should not be associated with you such as your children's birthdays or your pet's name.

  4. Unique: A strong password should be unique. Avoid reusing passwords across multiple accounts.

  5. Secure: A strong password should be secure. If you have to write down your password, store it in a secure location and not place it below your keyboard.

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How to Create Strong Passwords and Securing Your Passwords
Learn how to create strong passwords and how to secure your personal and organizational passwords. Learn the characteristics of strong passwords and using password managers.

How strong are the passwords generated?

The system generates a password based on the characteristics of strong passwords discussed above. The password generated follows the following convention:
  1. Has at least one of both lowercase and uppercase letters
  2. Has at least one number
  3. Has at least one special character
  4. Has at least 8 characters

How secure is the password?

The password is generated from your end, and is not stored on our servers. Once you refresh the page, click the password-generation button, navigate from the page, or close the page, the password is destroyed and cannot be recovered